The Surrender ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

The Surrender
An Erotic Story from the Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

As morning broke my mind and body were filled with lust and desire. Lying in bed I tried to surpass the fire that was starting to smolder within my center. But, the flame was too hot and I allowed my mind and my fingers to wander.

The vision in my mind was one of surrender. It was time to surrender to the craving that rests within my body. I got out of bed and put on my high heeled black leather boots, my red lace panties and bra and black overcoat. I fixed my hair and put some lipstick on and then walked out to my car and drove to his house. As the door opened, I opened my coat to reveal to him there was only one reason for my visit. It was time for him to take me.

With a deep exhale he pulled me through the door and pressed me up against the wall. He started pulling at my clothing and biting my neck. His strong sexual assertiveness and dominance heightened my desire. This visit was not about love, affection or friendship. It was raw, animalistic and primal. It was two people giving into their desire.

After he took off my coat, he turned me around and pressed me against the wall and then ripped my panties and bra off. He spread my legs wider with his foot and starting grabbing my breasts. Then his hand traveled down between my legs. Neither one of us spoke. We moaned, exhaled and panted but did not break the moment with words.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me down to the floor into his arms and he began tasting and touching every part of my body. His touch was familiar yet excitingly new. His tongue was strong and he deliciously made me smooth like butter. I quivered to his touch. As his eyes met mine, the orgasmic wave began deep with me as every part of me surrendered to his touch. Moaning and screaming his name my multi-orgasmic body succumbed to the rapture he was creating in me. His desire was heightened as he felt me release one orgasm after another into his mouth.

Full with lust and desire he slid himself into me and felt the warm moisture envelop him. As he pushed himself deeper into me, he grabbed my face and looked into my eyes. In that moment he spoke his only words, “I love you” he said. It was the one last act of surrender before he kissed my lips and clasped into my arms.
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Note Perhaps MBE would enjoy me showing up at his hotel room door like this sometime💋❤️🔥😈