Dance Of Surrender ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Dance Of Surrender – Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Pink Petals
Her pasties
Match the color
Of her breasts
Full of passion
Bursting with desire
Red Petals
Line her G-String
Sitting softly around her hips
Matching her full lips
Inviting him to
Bite them
And taste sweetly
Golden flickers
Of light
Twist in her eyes
As she sways her hips
For him
Her eyes locked on his
In a trusting embrace
Droplets of sweat
Roll down her back
Into the curve of her ass
Beckoning him
Pull her to him
She’s waiting
Shimmers of sparkling dust
Shine on her thighs
Begging him to catch
The ray of light between her legs
She offers herself
To him
She begs of him to touch her
Pink Petals
Spread apart by his hands
Leading her to the edge
With the power of his fingers
She submits to him wholly
In their dance of surrender
She remains his
In the trace of his eyes
She is his
In complete surrender
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Life Is Best When Lived Paasionately
I was staring at MBE’s fingers today as he talked. My thoughts drifted to sex☺️🔥I couldn’t help it 😈💋❤️🔥 As his eyes met mine, I giggled to myself. I do so enjoy him, all of him😉💋👍🔥

As for the song, I would consider myself a medium bottom girl😉 Men seem to like it whatever it is❤️💋