Love Is Here ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Love Is Here ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Did I know you
Before I saw you
Was I drawn
To this space
To be with you
Did your soul
Pull mine to yours
Kissing my fate
Into your lips
Was my compass set
To your coordinates
To deliver me
To you
As if
I was
A gift
Wrapped with a bow
Just for you
Do you feel me
From across
The room
As your old friend
Pulling gently
On your heartstrings
Whispering softly
Into the air
Between us
Am I the familiar voice
You remember
From your past life
Where you were
My King
And I was your Queen
And we ruled with love
Compassion and understand
Am I the ticking clock
You watch
As the day rolls by
Reminding you that time
Our time together
Is what sustains us
Through times of transitions
And anxiety
Do you feel the same
Unexplainable comfort
That I feel when
I am near your
It’s a knowing in my heart
It’s an impetus for growth
It’s the spark of desire
Wake up
My love
Wake up
Love is here
Wake up
My love
Lust is here
Wake up
My love
Open your beautiful eyes
And see love before you
She stands before you
Can you hear
Her soul
Stay with me
Don’t leave me
Can you hear
Her heart
Speak to you
I love you
Without explanation
Was it you who called
True complex
Unexplainable love
To your life
Was it you
Who speaks my name
As I sleep
Wake up
Love is here
Did I know your soul
Before I ever saw your face
Did I know
The sound of your voice
Before I knew you
Wake up
Love is here
Love is here
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note:  Just following an intuition tonight with a love poem. I felt like someone needed a love poem ❤️💋🙏

“Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross is one of my top ten favorite songs EVER❤️💋