The Gift ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

The Gift – Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Offered as gift
Wrapped tightly
With a bow
She stands
In front of her lover
Brown eyes open wide
Full of passion
She remembers
The first time she felt
The sweet sensation
Of lust between her legs
For him
By the feeling
He wasn’t really her type
As time passed
Her passions grew
Into deep primal lust
Twisted through friendship
And grew into love
She giggles to herself
As she pondered
“How did this happen?”
Laughing to herself
She thought life would have been
So much easier if they just
Fucked when it started
And got it over with
But, life had a different plan for them
Standing in front of her lover
She is relaxed
At peace finally
To be within his grasp
To be within his control
He is the compass of her soul
Her heart is set by the ticking of his
She hears him without sound
His heart beats for her and
She is drawn to him
As if being called home
His eyes reflect back to her
As if a mirror to her soul
He guides her without words
His presence not needed
For her to feel him, connect with him
She trusts him fully
Standing in front of her lover
She is stronger
With the passage of time
Their connection is deeper
With the passage of time
She is now wiser
Through life’s lessons
His heart now open with love
She touches his face gently
Soothing his embattled soul
He craved love
He needed it
He prayed for it
She appeared
As if wrapped
With a bow
Offering her body
As safe harbor and
An easy resting place
She places herself
Into his hands
The place she was always
Meant to be
For the first time
In her life
She lets herself
Completely give into love
She stands in front of her lover
Naked and exposed
But finally
Finding peace
Within the safety of his control
She stands in front of her lover
Wrapped with bow
She presents herself
To him
As a gift
She is ready for him
To open her wide
She is his gift
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

I watched a special on PBS about The Carpenters last night. Her voice is stuck in my head. So many beautiful songs. She had such an iconic voice.

She is one of the greatest female singers of all time yet her brother said she considered herself a drummer who could sing and not a singer. She never saw herself the way others saw her. It also made me ponder the pressure society puts on women and their appearance. A few years ago I lost a good bit of weight because I was sick. No one really knew just how sick I was. I never really talked about it. But people raved how great I looked. If they only knew how little I ate and I threw up most days. I am well now. I put back on 20lbs. I don’t kill myself working out. I eat chocolate cake occassionally. I’m heavier than I was. But I am also the absolute healthiest I’ve ever been in mind, body and spirit. I AM THE HEALIEST I’VE EVER BEEN in my entire life. My doctor would tell you my blood work is beautiful. And, I feel great. It’s about feeling good, being happy and confident. That’s what makes a woman sexy and beautiful. I also stopped spending time with people who worry more about appearances than a person’s feelings or soul.

Karen Carpenter was a sensitive soul with a beautiful voice and she died entirely too young. This is one of my favorite Carpenter songs. Honestly, I love them all but this one kind of matches the above poem.