Come Home To Love ~ Love, Sex & Poetry

Come Home To Love ~ Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

If you are
Falling in love
With me
Please know
I will love you
Know that my heart
Will always feel yours
My soul will always
Try to protect you
By showing you truth
And standing up
For you and our love
If you are
Falling in love
With me
Know I can’t skim
The surface
With you
I must feel
The weight
Of your anxiety
And sleep under
The blanket of
Your insecurities
I must
Love you
In such a way
That for the first time
Your heart
No longer searches
For what was missing
Because it knows
It’s found in me
I must unconditionally
Wholly and completely
Be yours
In love
So that I feel
Your breadth
Rise my chest
When I am sad
And hear your voice
As church bells
Calling to my
Love has arrived
If you are
Falling in love
With me
I must wildly
Wear your love
As my shield
And source my
Own creation
And growth
In your
Brilliant blue eyes
I must love you
In such a way
That you are
The first thought
Of my morning
And last thing
I thank God
For when I lay
In bed at night
If you are
Falling in love
With me
Know I’ll always
Lay down
My life
To save your soul
I’ll always
Rest my hand
In your heartbeat
And find
My joy in the
Of your love for me
If you are
Falling in love
With me
Know my love
Called you home
To where you
Were always meant to be
Love called you home
Come in and
Rest for a while
Because my love
Is calling you home
Come home
To love
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Paasionately
When I was in high school, we read “Living, Loving and Learning” By Leo Buscaglia. I guess the concept of unconditional love stuck with because it is how I love people. When I love someone (lover, friend or family), I can’t hold back from them. Because of that, I have deep relationships. It’s the only way I know how to love. ❤️

Art by Luis Ricardo Falero

“If Loving you is wrong”is such a sexy song. I don’t want to be right either…