Broken Strong ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Broken Strong
By: Linda A. Long

Just under the surface
Is a crack
Running down
The center
Of my heart
It will crack
Wide open with
The slightest tug
I’m threading
The needle
To sew it tight
I can’t let it crack
For if it did
My heart full
Of tears and disappointment
Would release into
A river of sorrows
Drowning me
In heartache
Pulling me under
Water until
I can barely breathe
I sew
The crack
In my heart
With the same thread
I’ve had since
I was a little girl
And had my heart
Cracked for the first time
I hold it together
I ask my heart
To tread water
Stay afloat
Save me
From the river
I still believe in
I still believe
Life is beautiful
I still believe
As a tear
Rolls down my cheek
I allow myself
One moment of weakness
Before I lock away
The pain I hide
And am forced
To hold it together
Be strong
Be broken open
With Sadness
But appear strong
Tonight I’ll
Hide the key
To my tears
Under my pillow
I leave
Wet with the
Tears of loss
I’ll leave them
At home tomorrow
I leave them at home
When I face
The day
With a heart broken
Open yet strong
Broken is
Its own kind
Of beautiful
Beautifully sad
Yet broken strong
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately
Note Not my typical love or sex poem. But, I needed to get this image out of my head.