Love’s Reflection ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Love’s Reflection ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

There is a magic
In your eyes
That casts
An illusion
Into my soul
As if
Pulling the rabbit
Out of my
Timid heart
To reassure me
Our destinies
Are entwined
With the flash
Of your eyes
The spell
Is cast
And releases
My hidden desires
Into your awareness
Glowing brightly
As my aura
Lights up
In your presence
For only you
To see
The shimmer
Of lust
Wrapped in love
Within my soul
For you
It is
As if your eyes
Pull me
Into the circle
Of love
Licked by the
Lust in your eyes
You drug me
With lover’s potion
In the flash
Of your
Brilliant blue eyes
Left with no choice
But to succumb
I move effortlessly
Under the trance
Of your desire
In step with your
Having faith
Our destinies
Are intertwined
And woven
Into the fabric
Of souls
It was in the magic
Of your eyes
I was lost only
To have my heart
Be found once again
In their reflection
Find your heart
Once again
In love’s reflection
Source your strength
In the fire
In my eyes
Find your true power
Under the trance
Of unconditional love
Love’s reflection
Will set you free
You will find me
You will be free
In love’s reflection
(C) 2016 ~ Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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