Deeper ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Deeper ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

She nervously
Adjusted the hem
Of her skirt
She knew
He was watching her
She wanted to
Look hm
In the eyes
And open
Her knees slightly
Just enough
For him to know
She wanted him
There right there
She wanted him
Their connection
And desire for each other
Was a secret
Only they shared
She held back
Her eyes from him
So no one could see
They knew other
Deeper than
Anyone realized
It was hot
In the room
She needed air
The heat between
Her legs
The heat
Between him and her
Had her distracted
She couldn’t
Maintain eye contact
For very long
Then everyone
Would know
Their secret
She dared not
Look up at him
She tried not
To look at him
It’s in the reflection
Of his eyes
She sees her soul
It’s in the blue
Of his eyes
She loses
A piece of herself
But gains
A piece of him
She must look
Into his eyes
To know love
Her love
Now lies in
His eyes
Restlessly she moves
From one side
Of the seat
To other
His energy
Stimulates her
Mind, body and soul
He has been
A catalyst for change
In her life
As she listens to him talk
Her mind is open
To his world
Images, ideas
Flow through her thoughts
His passion
Rises up in her chest
And hardens her nipples
Until the kiss
Of his intellect
Brushes her
Lips and makes her wet
As the room empties
She stays behind
Holding discrete
Eye contact
With him long enough
For him to know
She’s ready
She’s ready for him
To close and lock
The door
She wants him
No, she needs him to
Bend her over the table
And push himself
Inside of her
She needs to feel
Him inside of her
With each thrust
With each
Pinch of her nipple
In love with him
As he commands her hips
And thrusts into her wetness
He’s lost with her
In a moment
Of intense sexual connection
Deeper in love
Deeper in lust
They are deeper
In love
(C) 2016 ~ Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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