Sex Me ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Sex Me ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The echo
Of your energy
Close to mine
The soft center
Between my legs
Into wetness
I smile
As I spread my legs ever
So slightly
To enjoy
The sensation
Of your fingers
Tracing the hem
Of my skirt
In the privacy
Of your eyes to mine
You arouse me
As you lean back
In your chair
I slide my skirt up
And straddle you
Taking you
All the way
Inside of me
Holding onto
Your neck
Running my fingers
Through your salt and pepper
Tasting your earlobe
Looking into your eyes
As I arch my back
To bring my nipples
Into your mouth
While you were talking
I drifted
Drifted sweetly
Into sex, our secret space
We are good
This is good
Pushing each other
Pulling each other
Sparking each other
I come on your cock
Wetness drips off you
You push me harder
Down on you
Fuck me harder
You bite my breasts
Yes sir, I whisper
Yes my delicious sir
Igniting my intellect
You challenge my limits
I’m leveling up
To meet you
Holding your face
Close to mine
I kiss your lips
With each thrust
Down onto your cock
I tell you
I love you
As I look
Into the clear blue
Magic of your eyes
Finding lust
In the middle of day
I lay myself back
Pulling your weight
Onto my body
The weight of your world
Resting on my hips
I share your burden
Offering you
Challenging you
Level up
And meet me
On my spiritual plane
Finding your dharma
Deep in the wetness
Of my lust for you
Each day the desire of
Your cock pulls me
Further into
Your world
Leading me
Into sexual submission
You talk
I listen
Fuck me
Right here
I whisper to you
As they leave
I want to fuck you
I tease you
With my foot
On your leg
I want you
In my mouth
You hear
As I lick my lips
I’m wet for you
You see it in my eyes
Let me ride you
I plead softly
In your ear
As my hand
Slide against yours
You hear
Don’t go far lover
I’m wet
Don’t take too long
I’m deliciuosly wet
For you
I’m ready for you lover
It’s time for sex
Sex me
Blue eyes
Sex me
(C) 2016 ~ Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Note: It’s erotically stimulating to be sexually attracted to the same person who intellectually challenges you and inspires you to grow ❤️😈💋🙏 #Gotmelike 🔥🔥 #smartissexy #trueblue #pushme #inspireme #andthen #sexme #allyours

Art: Sageword Facebook page, Artist: Lindi Kirwin