The River ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

The River ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In my body
Flows a river
A river of desire
It twists
Along the curve
Of my hip
And spins
Along the tip
Of my nipple
Under your finger
The river
Runs through my veins
And pumps blood
Into my heart
Which beats
In fury
When you
Come close to me
I feel you
I feel you
Riding the river
Of sexual desire
With me
We ebb
In public
Flow in private
We stretch
Our naked bodies
To float together
Along the river
Until you
Pull me
Into the current
Of your lust
With the flash
Of your eyes
To mine
I ride the tide
Of our desire
As the current
Gets stronger
As we get closer
In your eyes
I am laid open
In our sacred
Sexual space
You know
The secrets I hide
You know
I want you
You know
I need you
You know
My legs spread
In wetness
To the heat
Of your masculine energy
And blush
With nervousness
As I try to contain
Rising waters
Of sexual desire
Pushing against
The walls of my vagina
Into your open mouth
No longer pretending
That I can
Walk away from
The pull
From your soul
Into mine
I rise up
On the waters
Between my legs
And offer you
Once again
I let you
See me
I want you
To see me
Let me nourish you
With our desire
Drink from my river
And eat from
My lush waters
I am your sexual compass
Set your course
To my hips
They will be
Waiting for you
As I float
On the river
Of your desires
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately
NOTE: The intensity of our desire gives nourishment to my erotic soul #MBE 💋🙏🔥❤️
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