Collide ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Collide ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It was
A long day
They were
Both restless
The erotic tension
Had been building up
Between them
With each
Passing glance
She could feel
The lust
His lust
For her
In her vagina
She was wet all day
From his fantasies
His cock
Was so close her
She wanted
To slide down
Under the table
Unzip his pants
And take him
In her mouth
As each hour
Passed by so slowly
She grew wetter
She was aroused
By his intellect
She was turned
On by strong masculine
Dominant Enegy
She was enamored
By his sparkling blue eyes
She needs to open
Her legs to him
And bring him
Into her world today
He was sensitive
To her emotions
He knew
Her arousal
Was peaking
He whispered
In her ear
Stay late
Come see me
Before you go
He could sense
Wetness was gushing
Between her legs
It was dark
When she walked in his room
There was something
About the way
He was looking at her
That made her
Slowly take her clothes
Off and lay
Back on the table
He didn’t need to say a word
He commanded her body
With his hard cock
That she could see
Pressing against his zipper
He wanted
To bring her
Into orgasm
With his fingers first
Then he would lick her
As she ached her back
He licked harder
Fucking her with his tongue
Until she came again
He slide her bottom
Closer to him
He unzipped
His trousers
And slide
His cock inside of her
He felt
The hot wetness
Inside of her surround him
As she reached back
And grabbed onto
The edge of table
She was bracing
Herself for each thrust
Of his hips into hers
She was savoring
His cock
As it slide in and out of her
He pressed himself
Down hard against
Her body
Her hips rose up
As she screamed his name
In orgasm
Give me all of you
Fuck me
Like you’ve never
Fucked another
Collide with me
My lover
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately
NOTE: I had a dream I was writing this poem. That’s the first time I started writing a poem in my sleep and finished before I even got out of bed this morning❤️💋🙏😈🔥