Meant For ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Meant For ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Meant for
My breasts
Are meant for you
They are soft
To the touch
And meant
To be in your
Strong hands
My nipples
Are meant to be
Under the touch
Of your fingers
And aroused
By the warmth
Of your mouth
Sucking my life force
Into your body
My body
Is meant to be
For yours
Under your control
To your liking
Used by you
For your pleasure
My body
Is meant for you
The wetness
Between my legs
Is to quench
Your thirst
On the erotic brew
Of my desire
Only by your
Crystal blue eyes
I am meant
For you
My soul
Was destined
To be your mate
Joining my flame
To yours
You are
Meant for me
You are the
Fire in my belly
The twist
In my wind
The spark in my hips
You are
The force
In my life
That can’t be denied
As one day melts
Into another
As we dive
Deeper into each other’s worlds
I know now
You are meant
For me
I am
Meant for you
We are meant
To be
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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NOTE: The photo, MBE likes apples🍎😉
I may have used the song before. I really like it. I wanted a song that conveyed sexual desire and lust. 😈🔥💋❤️🍎