The Mask ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

The Mask ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

He told me
His story
I listened
With care
As the tale
Of his life
Unfolded before me
His joys, sorrows
Wins and losses
My heart filled
With emotion
As I rode
The waves
With him
I took in
What he felt
I felt it too
He didn’t know
I felt it too
My hands
Holding his
His hands
In mine
Touching together
Moving apart
Through the light
Of love
The subtle sensitivities
Of my soul
I leave
My tears
On his sleeve
Drying my eyes
In the
Stolen words
By midnight
He speaks to me
Echoes of desire
I speak
Into his ears
I whisper
He hears me
He understands me
His warmth
In my heart
He knows
He accepts
I am emotional
Because I feel
I am passionate
And sometimes
My intuitions
Are too overwhelming
For words
His light hearted smile
Lifts my spirits
Into his hands
I am
More of my myself
By his acceptance
Of my sensitive heart
I am crying
Because I see
Because I feel
Because I know
I can finally
Take off the mask
I wear to everyone
I can finally
Let the guard down
To him
Only him
I realize now
He already
Sees me
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

I am sensitive. I am emotional. I am a passionate. I feel. I love. I care. Sometimes it all gets overwhelming and I have a hard time keeping my balance. But it is so much easier feeling like I don’t have to hide it. He already sees me. I know he sees what others don’t. I am ok with that.🙏❤️💋☺️