Love Notes ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Love Notes ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I’ll hide a note
In your pocket
Before you
Leave me
I’ll seal it
With my kiss
I will confess
My womanly desires
On paper
With pen
I’ll tuck it
Into your backpack
So you find it
Later in the day
I write you
My erotic fantasies
Of my eyes locking
With your beautiful baby blues
I will write you
One delicious note
One day at a time
Hidden somewhere
For you to find
As a reminder
We need each other
I will say I need you
I will say
I love you
On Monday
I will write
I desire you
On Tuesday
I will pout that
My lips wait for
Your kiss
On Wednesday
Or tease that
I’m playing with
My hard nipples
While thinking of you
On Thursday
I’ll beg for you to
Fuck me
It’s Friday
Sleep in and snuggle with me
With me
On Saturday
And on Sunday
I will say
“Let’s worship together naked”
I’ll write
You a note
I’ll seal it with
Just an “L” for Linda
Followed by
An X for a kiss ❌
And an O for a hug ⭕️
Ended with a smiley face 😄
Because you make me smile
You will never
Have to wonder
If I love you
You will read it
Everyday in
The love notes
Will hide
For you to seek
Notes of my love
For you
I’ll write you
Love notes

(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Note You betcha! I like to write notes!👍 When the time is right, I’ll enjoy hiding some pretty saucy poetry in MBE’s pocket and/or backpack😈❤️💋✌️