Highest Good ~ Love, Sex and Poetry


The energy of attraction is strongest when what we want is for the highest good for yourself or others ~ Deepka Chopra

Highest Good ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Drifting into
Floating effortlessly
Into the silent
Recesses of my mind
I let go
Of everything
That has been holding
My words within
To allow them to flow
Flow like a river
Into your deepest
Erotic soul
Slipping further
In the silence
Between the beats
Of my heart
I see you
Moving towards me
Your anxiety
I open my arms
And bring you close
Enough that my cheek
Rests against yours
I wrap my arms
Around you
Until I feel
Every ounce of
Melt into my heart
And be loved away
Loved away and
Slip into nothingness
My thoughts wander
I return to mantra
Gum Namaha
To stay centered
Gum Namaha
Remove every obstacle
Between my soul
And yours
Into the place
With me
Where the highest good
For both of us
Lies in the connection
Of our souls
Into the place
With me
Where my highest good
Is with you
And your
Highest good
Lies resting
Against my naked body
Through the darkest
Part of the night
Focus all of your anxiety
On the soft landing
You feel against my hips
Leave all of your worry
Lying on my full bosom
As you sleep
Focus with me
On our reaching
Our highest good
In each other’s arm
You are my
Highest good
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Note ~ Today I walked in the sunshine, did a gentle yoga practice, chanted mantras and finished with the below Chopra/Oprah Meditation. I feel very grounded and spiritually open. Just what I needed to allow my intuition to tune to love and let the words flow. 🙏❤️💋✌️ The below video is one of my favorite mantras. I use it almost daily. It’s powerful in helping to remove obstacles🙏👍😉❤️


Art ~ Retrieved from Sageword Facebook page – artist is unknown