Breathless Prana ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Breathless Prana ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Tasting the sweetness
Of your breath
In my mouth
Just before
You kiss me
I savor you
Your essence
As it slowly moves
Through my body
Flushing my face
Red with passion
Quickening my pulse
Leaving me breathless
As my body
Takes the nourishment
Your desire gives me
And uses it to
Restore my life force
Awakening the
The sensual goddess within
I am willing to submit
To your every command
Eager to rest
My cheek against
Your thigh
As I feed
My sensual longings
On your erection
Firm with the passion
I see in your eyes
My nipples
Sensitive under
The pressure of your fingers
I beg you to suck softly
On my breasts
Use my passion
To fuel your
Self evolution
Desire with me
Live life for me
Existence isn’t enough
I must live with you
I must love with you
Focus your energies
Harness your thoughts
With me on the creation
Of our unified Prana
As you
Slide my skirt
Up with your fingers
Slowly take
The release
My body affords
Your spirit
Finally letting go
Of what was
Holding us back
We join as one
To merge our destines
With the nourishment
Of our desire
Letting go
Of what held us back
To hold onto
What will sustain
Our unified Prana
Two flames
Become one
It starts
With a breathless kiss
Our Prana
Is in your kiss
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Listen to the whole song❤️ “Devotion/Passion Interlude” at the end is amazing❤️💋✌️🙏😇