Someone Like You ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Someone Like You ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Do you see me
I’m standing in front of you
Fuck you
Fuck me
I need you
To understand
And see
What I hold in
My heart for you
Slow down
For five minutes
To breathe in
The energy
Of lust that passes
Between us
Without words
Too many heavy emotions
Surrounding us
I drown in their energies
I can’t sense you
I need to sense you
Stay in this
Moment with me
Just long enough
For me to feel
I need to
Feel you
I need to
Connect with you
To sustain me
I need to purge
The demon energies
That have taken
Over my environment
Lye back
And let me fuck you
Let me fuck all
Of this garbage
Out of my aura
And fill
Myself up with you
Only you
Look into my eyes
While I pin your arms
To the bed
Look into my eyes
While ride you
I need you
To smack my ass
And remind me
I’m yours
Reprimand me
I’ve been your bad girl
I need you
To look me
In the eyes
While I scream your name
In submission
To your masculine
I want you
Underneath me tonight
I want to
Feel the intensity
Of emotions
And release my frustrations
With you
Inside of me
I need you
To see me
Standing in front
Of you
Wanting you
And needing you
More than I ever
Thought I was capable
Of needing a man
Needing you
Inside of me
You are my passion
I regretfully
Find myself
Needing you
Wanting you
Loving you
And frankly
It annoys
The crap out of me
Now let me
Pin you to the bed
And get over it
With you
Inside of me
I need you
I need
Someone like you
I need you
You need me too
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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