Your Temple Of Love ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Your Temple Of Love ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

My body
Is your temple
Of erotica
My sensuality properly
Kneel in front of me
Press your cheek
Between my legs
Just close enough
To feel the heat
Of lust burning
For you
In your
Sanctuary of
Lustful desire
I am
Your temple
Of love
My spiritual cups
Of triple D desire
Are manna
From heaven
For your weary soul
You’ve lived a long
Time without
Resting in a woman’s love
Sleep your
Gentle spirit
On the soul of
A woman who
And loves you
Now is your time
To worship
In your temple of love
Let down your guard
And let me love you
Praise the arch of my back
Say hallelujah
For the curve of my ass
As you slide
Slowly into my
Temple of lust
I know you aren’t used
To being loved
So intensely
Let me calm
Your nervousness
With the gentle
Call of my voice
To your soul
Open your heart
As I spread my legs
Wider for your entry
Into your
Temple Of love
Open your mind
To an eternity
In my arms
In your temple
Of love
Praise God
With me
In our sexual Union
Giving thanks
To the almighty
For crossing our stars
Until their paths
Lead directly
To each other
Rest your weary heart
My warrior
Your salvation
Has arrived
It’s in our temple
Our temple
Of love
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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