Risk ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Risk ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I want to be
The person who
Speaks to your soul
As a lover and a friend
Inviting it to
Release what no longer
Fits in the structure
Of your new awareness
Let go of
What no longer
Serves your spiritual growth
And humbly
Relinquish what doesn’t
Challenge you
To live to your
Highest good
Let me speak
To your soul
First as a friend
The friend that
Keeps it real
Just enough to
Piss you off
But knows when
To back off
And let you think
I want to speak
To your soul
As lover
As the person
Who loves you
With an intensity
That ignites you
With passion
Yet scares you
Just a bit
To know there’s
A woman
Whose breadth
Expands your lungs
And needs you
More than she’s
Comfortable needing anyone
Let me whisper into
The part of your soul
That sees infinity
When our eyes lock
As you once again
Know the feeling
Of a racing heart
Flushed with red hot blood
Pulsing erotica to
Your cock
Opening your sensibilities
To make room
For this new
Sensual force
To enter your life
I want to
The sleeping giant
Who all but gave
Up on love
And was going through
The motions of obligation
Until that day
The day when the earth shifted
Beneath our feet
Just long enough
For us to see each other
In a different light
Cracking a closed heart
Only a sliver
With a new awareness
We weren’t ready
For each other’s influence
On that day
We danced around edges
Of attraction and flirtation
Just long enough
For us to slip into
Each other’s skin
Let me scream with ecstasy
Into the most erotic part
Of your soul
Announcing my love
And desire
With passion
You’ve never known
Laying myself open
To wherever our destiny
Needs to take us
Yet nervously wondering
Am I out of my fucking mind
Let me reassure
The nervous part of your soul
That wonders the same thing
And questions if we are both
Risking too much
Let me assert myself
To your cynical mind
Love is always a risk
Are a risk
I’m willing to take
Let me whisper
Love into your soul
We are
Worth the risk
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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