The Opening ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

The Opening ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

If you listen closely
You’ll hear me
Calling to you
In a moment
Of honest desire
Sealed with the
Kiss of love
Placed softly
On your lips
As you
Rest your eyes
Our time
Is near
My love
When you open
Your beautiful blue eyes
Each morning
You will
Open your heart
To a new love
That is deeper
And more profound
Yet alive
Vibrating with
The passion
That ignites
Our souls
And spurns
Us into action
To hold
The love
That is ours
In our hands
To lie naked
In our love
At night
Under the soft sheets
Feeling our love
Passion wrapped around you
Reminding you
You are her
Highest Good
Vibrating love
Into your weary heart
If you stop
For just a second
You will see
The heart
That is now yours
You will see her clearly
She no longer hides
It from you
It’s in her transparency
She is trustworthy
It’s in her transparency
To you
She feels most alive
And for once
She is safe
In the openness
That she feels
In her heart
It’s in your light
She found
A way out
Of her soul’s darkness
It’s in your presence
She is compelled
To grow
It’s in your vibration
She surrenders
To the uprising
With her soul
And acknowledges
Now is the time
To break every
Obstacle to love
She put in her heart
And allow you
To come inside
Into the deepest part
Of her soul
Hidden to all
But now open
To you
If you listen closely
You will hear
Her calling
You home
Listen closely
You will hear
Her heart opening
To you
To your love
Calling you

(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Note: Inspiring someone to grow and brake old paradigms is really quite beautiful. Knowing there’s safety between souls is a powerful catalyst for action and transformation💋❤️

This poem has been on the edge of my mind for a few days but I’ve had one of worst migraines I’ve had in years and couldn’t focus to write it out. I had some sinus congestion earlier in the week and I guess I mismanaged it. I’m allergic to Asiprin and also don’t like to take many drugs so I wasn’t hitting the headache hard enough.

Although I’m not completely sure I should have been driving, I finally went to the doctor yesterday. My sinuses are crazy swollen, probably from allergies and getting used to air-conditioning again, but at least there’s no infection. I walked out with a six day course of steroids and a migraine medicine.

The pain is subsiding. It’s not completely gone but I am fuctional today. I walked four miles for coffee and got some Vitamin D and caffeine. My appetite is back so I am cooking some nutritious foods. I’m still laying low today. I still have all the blinds drawn in my home because the brightness is hard on my eyes. I miss my oceanview but, for now, the darker room is better. The ocean will still be out my window when the migraine is gone.

If you are interested in spiritual stuff, for intuitive folks, headaches that start between the eyes may be sinus but can often be psychic headaches because the Pineal Gland is too open. The coincidence isn’t lost on me that I often get sick when my BFF gets her Chemo treatment. She’s been having a tough time and with me being an empath it’s hard for me to disconnect. She is aware of this and tries to protect me even though I protest❤️☺️I also wonder if anyone else I love was having a headache lately that I was empathizing because this one was truly diabilitating. I knew by midnight on Thursday night that I wouldn’t be able to go to work on Friday. I couldn’t even go outside in the brightness or drive three blocks on Friday to get myself soup & Ginger Ale☺️I had call for assistance😂

Well, now I am going to sign off and take a nap to rest my eyes🙏❤️💋 I hope it’s a beautiful Sunday for everyone.Hopefully, this thing will be completely gone by tomorrow👍🙏🙏