My Lover, My Muse ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

My Lover, My Muse ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I feel a longing
For you
That stirs my appetite
For your attention
It’s a spark
From between my legs
As your aura
Brushes against mine
Inviting me
Into your world
Welcoming me
Into your fantasies
It raises my nipples
To your awareness
And wets my thighs
I notice
My heart
Beats faster
As I step closer to you
My hips sway wider
As I feel your energy
The cadence of your voice
My steps and
Keeps to the beat
Of our mutual desires
It’s the knowing
That I see in your
Brilliant blue eyes
As they meet mine
For just a second
Before scanning
My body
From my breasts
Down to my bare legs
Ending at my
High strappy heels
That wets me
In preparation for you
You know
My body is yours
And I like it
But that’s not what
Stokes your fire today
It’s my mind
And the knowledge that
The fire in my belly
Matches your own
It’s the acknowledgement
We are
A powerful union
That ignites us today
Let me step
To the pace of your thoughts
And allow you to relax
Knowing I’m in tune
With you without words
Let me reassure you
Your masculine dominance
Is the perfect fit
To my feminine opening
Lush, wet and ready
For the growing firestorm
Of our coupling
Let me stimulate you
As you grow in me
Slide your finger
Into my mind
Until I burst
With sensual self awareness
Into the depths
Of your consciousness
And fit perfectly into
The curve of your mind
Spinning my love
Into the deepest part
Of your soul
I spread my legs
To your erection
And stoke your
Intellectual fire
Until your mind
Explodes inside me
With the fire
To ignite my soul
My lover
My muse
I love you
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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