Adornment ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Adornment ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Gently into my
You stand
As my king
The holder
Of my crown
And catalyst
For my erotic expression
My breasts bejeweled
By the crystal
Of my your eyes
With my nipples
Erect and shimmering
As precious metals
With the juice
From your lips
I stand
A queen
Adorned with
The fruits
Of your desires
My body
Cloaked majestically
With the lust
From you to me
As if
I summoned you
With my thoughts
You interrupt
My day
To claim
Your space
In my head
Commanding me
To remember
I am yours
I here
You belong
With me
My hips rise
In acceptance
Of your instructions
To submit myself
Into your hands
And trust the visions
My body thrusts
Into willing erotic
As one orgasm
Follows the next
As I submit
To the stirring
My lustful energies
Coming from
Your hips
Sharing your
Desires into my mind
We transcend
Our physical bodies
Into the depth
Of love and affection
We have
For each other
This space
Where our thoughts
Join as one
We unify
And friends
As I am draped
In the adornment
Of your affection
I am adorned
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Note: I’ve been writing more blog entries than poetry. I am happy some poetic words started flowing again ❤️💋🔥😈

Art: Agape Charmani-In Shim – Korean Artist Scuplture