Healed  ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Healed ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The times
You are away
From me
Feel longer now
As I’ve grown
Attached to your
Reassuring energy
Circling around me
You are no longer
A flirtation
You are now
A part of my life
I need you
As much as I need
Air, water, food
Does it scare you
To know
You sustain me
It’s wasn’t easy
For me to open
Myself up
To allow you in
But I think
We both realized
Last week
I’ve grown
In spite
Of my recent challenges
I’ve grown
Through my anxiety
I broke through
My fear
I finally
Opened up
To you
And let you in
If you needed proof
Of my trust in you
If you needed
Of my faith
In you
Please know
You are one
Of a handful of people
I truly allow
To see me
I allow you to see me
I see love
Reflecting back to me
In your eyes
I know
I am safe
With you
I will continue
To remove
The barriers
Between your soul
And mine
I know
It’s through you
I am now free
It’s with you
I am breaking down
The walls
In my heart
It’s near you
I find peace
It’s for you
My heart
Has opened
To love
It is with you
I am healed

(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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