Love Trajectory ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Love Trajectory ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The trajectory
That brought you
Into my heart
Started slowly
Almost without notice
If I was not observant
I may not have noticed
You looking at me
Once I saw you
The air around me
Shifted a bit
Whenever you
Would be near me
I felt a slight hiccup while
I tried to catch my breathe
When you passed me
I took
A momentary pause
Before I spoke
To slow down
My raising heart
I quietly composed myself
To hide
The blush of my cheeks
As my nipples would harden
With the surge
Of wetness between my legs
Anytime you looked at me
When your beautiful eyes
Met mine
The spark
Woke me up
To desire again
My wetness begged
For your touch
Your energy would
Circle around me
As I mended
A broken heart and
Regain strength
In my broken body
You were there
Around me
While I rebuilt my life
And restored my confidence
You were there
With each small step
I took back to being me
I enjoyed your attention
But never claimed it
As my own
Until like a rocket
I felt it
I felt you move through
My points of arousal
Intersecting my passion
Igniting my vision
Everything changed
We stood still in time
Treading water
Waiting for the shift
Until now
Movement is happening again
Your growth
Pulls me out of complacency
Your passion
Sparks my own imagination
Of what I can be
Of what we can be
Of what we will be
As I take stock
Of the impact
You have on my world
I can say with absolutely certainty
My world is better
Because you have been in it
And I hope
The future is meant for us
I hope
We are meant
To forge new
Ground together
I hope
We stay entwined
Through your growth
And challenges
With joy, love and acceptance
I acknowledge
You are one of the
Best things
That has ever happened to me
Your stability
Helped a free spirited
Untrusting nonconformist
Find some comfort
In a mundane world
Your fire
Pulled me up
And forced me
To rise up emotionally
And heal
The wounds of the past
Your beautiful blue eyes
Set my words
On fire into poetry
As I write this
I don’t really know
What my experience
Looks like without you
I hope I never have to know
My life without you
But I’ve grown too
With the strength
Of woman
Yet the passion
Of a young girl
I hold my hopes
For us lightly
With enough freedom
For you to express yourself
And enough
And faith that
I know
I am better because
You are in my life
As we enter
A new phase
Of movement
And growth
I let you go
With one hand
While I hold you tightly
With the other
Your joy and enthusiasm
For a new challenge
Light the fire
In my heart
And kindle my own
Desires for more
Than what I am today
It is with deep admiration
I will follow
Your lead
Into the unknown
With faith
What is meant to be
For us
Will be
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately


It seemed like I was writing this poem all day long in my head as he moved happily around me❤️😄I’d smile every time I saw the bounce in his step and heard the passion in his voice.   ❤️❤️❤️

My favorite quote EVER is from Marianne Williamson’s book “Return To Love”.

There is no passion in playing small – in living a life less than the one you are capable of living.  Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.