Here Without You ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Here Without You ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The stone
Was thrown
In the still pond
I watched
The waves
Ripple across
The surface
Until I felt them
Crash against
My heart
Until I almost
In tears
From the sense
Of loss
I feel since
You left
We’ve been
Wrapped around
Each other
For a long time
I forgot
What it was
Before you became
Part of the fabric
Of my heart
I never planned
To love you
Little by little
Your beautiful
Blue eyes
Lowered my guard
Until you could
Walk over it
Your familiar voice
Reminding me
You were near by
Opened my legs
With arousal
And mind to
Words you held
On the tip
Of your tongue
I didn’t want to need you
I never wanted
To become
Attached to you
It wasn’t
Until the day
You left
That I completely
The place
You possessed
In my heart
And the role
You played
In my life
I couldn’t tell you
I was sad
You were pursuing
A new challenge
I couldn’t do anything
To hold you back
Now I can’t pretend
There isn’t
Something missing
In my life
It’s you
It’s not pretty
I admit it
Real deep
Passionately Love
Is rarely convenient
And almost never
Neat or tidy
No, it’s messy
Explosive and
Downright annoying
It has me
I’m doubting
The future
If I am losing you
Should I let you go
I challenge myself
I don’t want to
Aches my heart
If it’s time to
Let you go
Pull the band-aide off
Let’s not
Linger here
For love’s sake
If we are meant
To hold on
To each other
Trust me
I will hold onto
You tighly
Once you are
In my arms
And between my legs
I will never
Let you go again
I will love you
Beyond measure
My love
Will be yours
I never meant
To love you
Here I am
I love you
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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