Warmth ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Warmth ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s really not
In any words
You say
To me
That I find
It’s in the
That I feel
When your eyes
Connect with mine
It breaks open
My heart
My very core
Sways in
Quiet arousal
To the force
Of your wind
The familiar
Light from
Your beautiful eyes
Returns into
My waiting heart
As I am humbled
To admit
The very thing
I avoided seeing
In myself
Yet now
Challenges me
To grow
It is in the
Affection of your eyes
I see my own heart’s
Rising up
To be healed
And finally
The warmth
Of your eyes
Slows my
Anxious heart down
Long enough
For you
To reassure me
You’re still mine
I acquiesced
To the temporary
Unknown state
Of our future
I gave in because
I couldn’t hold
On to it
To us
That tight anymore
I relented
Just long enough
To allow
Room for
The discomfort of loss
But today
The warmth
From your eyes
To mine
Reassured me again
As you always do
That nothing
Has been
Lost between us
The light
Now in my heart
Is from your
Beautiful blue eyes
Your warm blue eyes
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

NOTE: This started as a lusty sex poem in my head, I swear☺️ But something happened as I started to write out the words in my head. I think I had a small fear (that I lost MBE forever) tucked away in the back of my heart. It was released as I gratefully found reassurance today…

On another note, I had a moment of honesty with myself on a couple of fronts today. First, I truly want more of my MBE but our timing is temporarily off right now. I’ll need to be patient and hang in there and see where things take us. Second, I listened to one of our leaders in work give a warm passionate speech yesteday. I was almost jealous of her level of passion for her career. It made me want the same. While things could be changed to make my job more rewarding, I’m not sure I’ll ever have the passion she and others share for the work. My passion lies elsewhere. I am, however, exploring;looking for ways for it to be more challenging and rewarding for myself everyday. Third, I’ve become a great source of strength for my sister during a time of sustained crisis. I spent an hour talking to her on the phone while I walked four miles tonight. I am very grateful I am able to help her and give her strength. Last, I’ve found a deeper capacity to love in recent weeks. I’ve been broken open a bit through change. It’s really quite lovely.