A Prayer For The Suffering

A Prayer For The Suffering
By: Linda A. Long

Dear God
I pray today
For your support
Strengthen me
With your love
So that I may face
The hardships of life
With the grace
Of a woman
And not
The immaturity of a child
Steady me
With compassion
For those who
Speak falsely against me
Favor me with
Gratitude for
All that is still in my life
Instead of focusing on
Who and what I’ve lost
Dear God
I ask for courage
As I move through
The coming hard months
Courage to keep my eyes
Faced towards to sky
So that I see your face
In the stars
And feel
Your Son’s love
As it shines on my face
I am not asking
For you to spare
My suffering
I am asking for you
To sustain me
Fortify me
So that
My heart
While broken
With loss
Once again
Remains open
To love and light
Brush the tears away
From my eyes
So that I see goodness
And hope
Standing before me
Grace me
With peace and understanding
When someone does me wrong
Sustain me
With faith
So I keep your
Promise of hope
In my heart
With every tear
That runs down
My face
Open my mind
And eyes
To truth in my life
And bless me
With the courage
To accept my
Disappointments without bitterness
Above all
Allow me to
Open my heart
To those souls
Who genuinely
Care about me
And my well being
It is in your arms
My weakness
Will be made strong
I lay my
Heartaches at your feet
And ask your support
In the name
Of the Father
The Son
And the Holy Spirit

(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

For Sandy on her birthday, I am the woman I am today, because you loved me.
Thank you. Thank you.❤️🌹