Until Morning Comes – Love, Sex And Poetry

Until Morning Comes ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Wake up
Wake up
I need to talk to you
Open your
Beautiful blue eyes
My love
Hurry up
It will be morning soon
I have something to say to you
Please wake up
Do you hear me?
I am talking to you
I need to tell you
I love you
I didn’t say it before
But, I must say it now
It must be free
The burden of not saying it
Is too heavy to carry anymore
I must say it
Can you hear me?
Whispering in your dreams
I breath softly
Into your ear
The love
That will sustain you
Laying my body against yours
My breast press
Into your chest
As I softly kiss your lips
With love
And desire
Giving you a promise
To be your
Lover, partner and friend
For the rest
Of our lives
My hand folds in yours
We stay
In this moment in time
In the twilight
My heart needs to
Under the blanket of stars
You are my
One and only love
Rest your weary thoughts
On my breasts
My dear lover
And take your
Respite between my legs
You are loved
You are loved
Drift softly to sleep
With sweet dreams
Of our love
I will return
To your arms tomorrow night
And lay with you
In the sanctuary
My made with our hearts
We lay together in love
Until morning comes
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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