Love Waits ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Love Waits ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I woke up
Thinking about
The first time
I saw you
Staring at my breasts
I blushed with

The affect
You had on me
Left me wet
With desire
My heart would race
With excitement
At the sound
Of your voice
As my legs
When you stood close
As if by

You spun
A web
Around me
I was tethered
By the warmth
Of sexual desire
In your crystal
Blue eyes
I am
To your hips
As if God
Brought me here
To fall in love
With you
To be your lover
Your friend

Do you suppose
I am here
To be the keeper
Of your flame
Is it possible
God divinely
Star crossed
Our paths
So they would
Through our hearts
Writing love
In a language
Only we understand

We do not
Need many words
Between us
We’ve always
On deeper levels
We both know
We’re connected
Your soul
Travels with mine
As its mate
In perfect unison
More open
To our love

Through loving you
I’ve grown
I’ve become better
I’ve healed
By opening myself
Up to loving you
I reclaimed
A part of myself
I lost to fear
A fear so deep
I knew
I just couldn’t
Allow it
To be in
My life
If it will
Keep me away
From you

I’ve surrendered
Our future
Into the
Hands of God
I just couldn’t
Hold onto you
That tight any longer
I let go
Of you
Just enough
To allow
Our love
The freedom
That comes from growth
As you continue
To search
For your personal best
You inspire me
To follow suit
I am growing too

Only time
Will tell
How our joint future
Will play out
Only God knows
If your heart
Will forever
Be part of
The fabric of my own

What I know for sure is
My heart
Still races
With excitement
When I hear
Your voice
My body still
Becomes aroused
When you look at me
And I am still
In love with
Those beautiful blue eyes
That make me
Feel loved and desired

If our love
Is meant to be
We have
Will still be here
For you
When you return
We will be stronger
Because of this
Time apart

Letting you go
My love
Isn’t Goodbye
It just means
I love you enough
To want
You to be happy, fulfilled
And successful
I love you enough
To give us
Room to grow while apart
If you choose
We will grow
Deeper together
When you come home
Will be here for you
Love waits
For love
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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