When We Knew ~ Love, Sex & Poetry

When We Knew ~ Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

There will
Come a time
When we will
Lay in bed
Nose to nose
With my foot
In your legs
And my hand holding yours
And we will remember
This time
As the time
We grew
We’ll remember
This as the time
We grew independently and
Learned something
About of ourselves
We will remember
We let go
Of old paradigms
And even
Let go
Of each other
A bit
And grew
We will lay
Nose to nose
As I kiss
Your lips
And we will
Look back
On this time
Of separation
As the time
That brought us
Closer together rather
Than pulled us apart
We will remember
This as the time
We knew
We knew for sure
Our silent alliance
Was strong
And grew
From flirtation
To deep true
Affection and love
It was
Born out of
Mutual attraction
And respect
Yes, we will remember
This time
As the time
We knew for sure
So, steady yourself
My love
This is just
One chapter
In the book
Of us
This is the chapter
Our love
And connection
Stood strong
Through the test
And grew through change
And separation
To deepen
Under the pressure
And reaffirm
Itself as love
Steady yourself
My love
Read my love
For you
From my eyes
To your
Beautiful baby blues
My love
Hold tight
In knowing
I’ve missed you
One day
We will
Lay in bed
Nose to nose
When we knew
For sure
We loved
Each other
And it will
Be now
This time
We will remember
As the time
We knew
For sure
What we have
Is love
We have love
Have faith that
Is waiting for you
To return
And finish
Our story
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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