Prayer Of Loving Surrender

Prayer Of Loving Surrender ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Wrapped with care
A present
Is laid
At your feet
Open it carefully
It is a heart fragile
Fragile from
But held together
With hope
Hope that
Love, peace and joy
Are found
My renewed spirit
With prayer
And faith
That everything
That is needed
Is provided
At just the right time
Having faith that
My loyal heart
Can stand taller
Than its
Challengers and
Hope that
True compassion
And love
Are felt and welcomed
Into your waiting heart
In a prayer
My words
Of surrender
Are spoken
In a moment
Of peace and love
I lay them
Onto your soul
And allow them to
Rest there as they slowly
Sink into
Your restless heart
The tension
That grows
In our separation
Saying a
Prayer of
Loving surrender
I quietly
Fan the flame
Love’s desire
With my words
And nourish
The joy
Found in our
Growing affection
As my heart
Opens fully
To love
For perhaps
The first time
I allow the light
From your beautiful eyes
To illuminate
My receptive heart
And give nourishment
To our souls
In this
Prayer of
Loving surrender
I lay the
Gift of my
Open heart
At your feet
And offer
It to you
Without trepidation
Without fear
Finding peace
In my surrender
To you
My loyal heart
Is forever
To break
But having faith
You will
Protect it
And handle it
With care
In this prayer
Of Loving surrender
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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