The Emperor ~ Love, Sex And Poetry


The Emperor ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Who is he
Who is the
The Emperor
Who is this
In your
The man
Who walks
With you
You wear
His essence
Like perfume
And hold
His heart
In your hands
With your
Heart’s Intuition
This strong man
Has a soft
Gentle soul
Who is
The Emperor
Is he
Your King
Your partner
Your lover
The leader
Of your world
This man
This man
Who’s energy
Whirls around your
Taking his place
Next to you
To be heard
In your mind’s eye
Who is this
Formidable man
You like
His fire
You crave
His fire
The fire in his belly
Lights your match
His heart beats
In yours
Who is
The Emperor
Of your world
Matching your
You crave
His energy
His kiss
Drips off of
Your lips
In anticipation
Of his possession
He is the ruler
Of your heart
Just as you
Are the fire
In his soul
You burn
In his
The Goddess
In you
Is his strength
You honor
Him with
Words of love and devotion
You inspire
Him with desire
You nurture him with
That is
To stay
In both
Of your lives
Who is
The Emperor
Of your heart
Have faith
In this
Formidable man
Have faith
In your bond
Trust what
You see
Believe what
You sense
Until the Emperor
Is laying beside you
Have faith
And stand true
As his
Of love
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately 

NOTE: This poem has been cooking in my head since Saturday. It just took a while for me to figure out how to express it.

While I was at Kripalu I had a Tarot Card Reading. The Reader is a licensed Psychotherapist by profession but reads Cards on the weekends. I heard she was pretty good and that she used an unusual Tarot Deck. She uses the Motherpeace Tarot deck which is round. I was intigued because I’ve noticed my Intuitive abilities have been strengthening in recent months. I wanted the Tarot Reading as a way to validate my experiences and abilities rather than receive future predictions from her.

Well, I received validation of my experiences and abilities in the first 30 seconds😂🙌🦄 As I sat down in the chair, the Card Reader said to me, “Welcome. Hmmm? I know a Clairvoyant when she sits down across the table from me. So, tell me Linda, right? Why are YOU here? You see; you can sense – you know. You could probably read these cards better than I can. Do you read cards, work with energy or are you a healer?”

OMG! My eyes actually teared up when she said those words to me. The next hour was a truly beautiful and spirituality powerful conversation for me. She gave me some advice, she gave me some resources, gave me advice on how to take care of myself and she also gave me a powerful Reading and a lot to think about. I’m not going to go into the details of my Reading but I will say she gave me plenty to chew on from a spiritual and clairvoyant perspective. I am a bit overwhelmed but also feel validated and supported.

I will share this… My First position card which is for Self was The Irish Goddess, Brigid. This symbolizes my Strength. My Second position card, which is for the Atomsphere around me, was the “The Emperor” and she said, “Who is this Emperor? A husband, ex-husband, lover, boss, all of the above? Whoever he is, his energy is with you and he is a formidable man! But you already sense that, right?!” 😂😂😂😂😂Hence the poetic inspiration.

She also wrote down the whole card spread for me. I ordered the Motherpeace Card Deck & guidebook.