From The Heart ~Love, Sex And Poetry

From The Heart ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I wrote
To you
From the
Broken edges
On my heart
The scar
Of where
Love healed
My wounds
I wrote
To you
From the love
In my heart
That radiates
In the blue
Of your eyes
And warms
My soul
With words of love
You heard
My heart whispered
Into your ear
You felt
Vibrate from
My soul
My love
Is Blue
My soul fills with
The warm Blue Love
Of your eyes
We grow
Through love
As we grow
Who will
We be tomorrow
Who will
We be next year
Will we find
A way together
Will our connection
Grow stronger
In my surrender
I’m finally letting go
Of the person
You first met
I was
Timid and unsure
Of myself
I accepted
My imposed
But through
My love for you
I’ve grown
And became
A fully actualized woman
Strong and capable
Secure in my abilities
On the threshold
Of promise
I see myself differently
I’ve changed
Yet I still
Tried to hold
Onto my former self
Trying to hold onto
To a part of myself
That was also
Connected to you
Until today
When you showed
It was time
To leave her behind
And stand firm
In this new role
I’m still trying to find
My balance
Between who
I was
Who I am
And who I want
To become
The only thread
Through all three
A thread of
Blue Love
As it’s the
Thread connecting
Me to you
You are
Part of my story
As we move
Through a new phase together
I am open
To the new possibilities
Before us
When I look
To my future
I still see you
In it
Pray with me tonight
That God
Directs our words
Thoughts and actions
So we both
Can move forward
We acted with love
Pray with me
That our connection
Will always
Be our blessing
And that
If it’s true
Shall survive
And grow
Through our changes
I write for you
From my heart
To yours and
Kiss you
My Blue Love
Goodnight love

(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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