Soul Contract ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Soul Contract ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Are you
Breathing in me
Or am I
Breathing in you
Is it my fire
Lighting your soul
Or your fire
Lighting my soul
Am I joining in
Your soul’s journey
Or are you
Joining on my path
Did you write
These words
Into my mind
Or did I
Pull them
Out of your heart
Are you
The source
Of my passion
Or I am
The breathe
Of life in your heart
The fire
Of my love and passion
Into you
Until you
Feel it burn
Through your body
With the flames
Of my desires
Licking the tip
Of your manhood
Into erection
In both of us
Awakening the power
Of our shared truth
The truth
That only exists
Between us
And lies
In between
My thighs
Wet and hot
From the touch
Of your energy
To mine
I asked God
How he wrote
Our story
I asked for a sign if
We fit together
I prayed through doubt
And he showed me
You are my story
I am your story
Our story
Is developing
Over time
Growing stronger
Deepening in trust
As we carry
The promise
Our souls made
In a secret meeting
Of your beautiful eyes
To mine
We contracted to share this
Our souls
Journeys together
Slowly opening
To each other
And accepting
The higher purpose
God chose for us
God knew
We were stronger together
Than apart
As I am directed
By Angels
And shown
Their wisdom
It is the contract
Your soul made
With mine
That is my
And the source
Of my creation
I create
Through you
Your soul
Contracted with
My soul
To share our fire
It’s in the
Contract of
Our souls
We share fire
It’s our
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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