The Angel ~ Love, Sex And Poetry


IMG_4187.JPGThe Angel ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The Angel of Mercy
Came to me
And I being
A lost traveler
Did not understand
The purpose
Of her visit
The roads
I have taken
Have led me
So far
From your love
That I
Believed there
Was no way to return

In retrospect
I know I turned
From you
Because of ignorance
I was blinded
By anger
And I needed
To blame you
Because there wasn’t
Anyone else
You could have
Prevented my destruction
If you chose

I slide further
Into the abyss
And you
Slipped further
From my grasp
Not knowing
Where to put my trust
I put my trust
Into false Gods
At least I knew
The danger
They represented
They would never
Make me a fool
For I sheilded
My soul
From their view

So, where exactly
Where you when
I was courting the devil?
Did you
See me beguiled
By his smile?
Did you know
I was under
The spell of his
How did it feel
To see me
Embrace your enemy?
Did you cry
When I took
Him to my bed?
His hands were wicked
His touched
Kept me oppressed
His control
Made me helpless
His possession of my soul
Gave him power
He was so masterful
And his wickedness
Was so intoxicating
That I was too weak
To avoid
The temptation
Of his touch

The Angel Of Mercy
Was a sorcerer herself
She too
Knew how to seduce a lover
She was perhaps
A better lover
Than the Prince Of Darkness
Because she loved
Instead of controlled
As the tips of her wings
Brushed my body
I succumbed
To the pleasure
Of her touch
Just as I did
When the fingers
Of hell
Led me into
The darkness
Of my own soul

I surrender
My mind, body and soul
To the Angel
For the hope
Of returning
To your love
The love I rejected
As I laid
With Satan
In his bed
Of despair

Ashamed of my betrayal
I claim
My love and fidelity
To you openly
I now know
It is only
By your touch
I will ever be free
(C) 1995 Linda A. Long ~ All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately 

It is been an interesting week. I’ve been receiving a lot of intuitive messages.

On Sunday, I practiced Kundalini Yoga, meditated and chanted for protection and projection from my Heart Chakra. I was working to strengthen my aura so I would not be affected by the energy of others. While I was meditating, I could see angel wings in my mind’s eye. When I was done, I pulled out my watercolors and painted the angel in the artwork attached to this post. You can see her head is facing down to the right, she has red lips, blue wings, a blue heart and a yellow glow.

Since painting this I’ve been feeling energy around me. I’ve been receiving many repetitive number sequence messages(111,444,555), I’ve had dreams of conversations with deceased loved ones, I’ve found coin in strange places and I keep hearing the words LOVE in my ear ~ LOVE.

I talked to my Mother this morning. She said, “March 9th is tomorrow. Are you doing ok honey?” I felt the ground under my feet shift as my stomach did a flipflop. It all made sense. March 9th, tomorrow, is the 18th anniversary of my beloved sister, Sandy’s death. Intuitively I must have known my Mom would give me the answer I needed. That’s why I felt like I had to talk to her urgently(as soon as she woke up).

When I Mom and I hung up, I had to rush into a couple of meetings. It wasn’t until later in the day that I allowed myself to think about my sister. She is the angel who has been around me. She’s been talking to me and directing me. I was so busy chatting up God, I wasn’t talking to her. As I walked a couple of miles tonight, I remembered the above poem I wrote in 1995 after a bad depression. It represented the battle for my soul between God & Satan. These days Satan doesn’t stand a chance. God is my BFF, I have angels directing my actions and protecting, I am better at managing my sensitivites and I’ve embraced my intuitive gifts. I talk to angels!

To my beloved sister and angel, Sandy: Everything I am today is because you loved me. I made you a promise as I held your hand during those final hours. I promised to be the best Linda I could possibly be. I promised to believe in myself and my gifts. I promised to grow into a strong woman and live the life you were denied. I promised to make you proud. After screwing around for about 12 or so years after you died, I finally got my act together and started living up to my promise.That day, that last face to face conversation with you is my motivation every day. It is the fire in my soul. Anyone who loves me will have to know my life is going to make a difference. I made a promise and I will work until my last breathe to keep it.