She Holds His Fire ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

IMG_4213She Holds His Fire
By: Linda A. Long

She holds
His fire
In her belly
She sparks his passion
With the flame
Of her love
He sources his strength
Through his
To her mind
And finds power
In her sensual gifts
He enters her
Mystical world
Of magical lightness
Of being
Where she offers
Creative expression
Blending love
His receptive soul
He lets her
Hold his fire
And carry his flame
Caring for his
Spiritual evolution
She raises him up
Into her
And paints
Her love for him
Her sexual fire
As blue
Like the blue
Of his eyes
She carries him
Between her hips
As the heat
Of his desires
Wett her into
The pleasure
Of his fantasies
She escapes
From her thoughts
Into his world
And lays naked
At his feet
Holding his fire
Between her legs
He nourishes
The intuitive connection
They share
And invites her to
Source her creativity
In the blue
Of his eyes
She paints
Blue Love
She holds his fire
In her hands
She holds
Blue Love
In her heart
She holds
His fire
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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