Blue Eyed Kiss ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Blue Eyed Kiss ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

There is
A fire
Burning for you
A fire burning
In my soul
That wets my lips
With the taste
Of your kiss
The taste of
Your blue eyed kiss
The fire burns
Between my legs
As I lay in bed
Seeing you
In my mind’s eye
Feeling the full weight
Of your body
Pressed on top
Of my body
Your sweat
Mixing with mine
Your breath
Filing my lungs
Your voice
Drifting into my ear
As you slowly
Press yourself
Inside of my fire
Until we burn as one
Burning deeply inside of me
You hold my glance
In your blue eyes
With each push
Our flame burns brighter
Every sound I make
Fans your flame
Until we collapse
In the embers
Of our lustful desires
There is a fire
A fire
Burning for you
Burning while
You are away
Can you hear
My fire?
Can you
Feel the flames
Of desire
In your lap?
Do my nipples
Brush your lips
As you try
To drift to sleep?
Will you hear
The voice of my fire
As you lay
In bed tonight
Calling to you
To come home
And lick my flames
With your
Blue eyed kiss
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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