Erotically True Blue ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Erotically True Blue ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The power is
In the voice
That speaks
To me
Through the air
Begging my heart
To open
Just a little wider
To let him in
A little deeper
Calling to my
Lustful desires
To keep my fire
Burning for him
Just him
Don’t let go
There is
Energy passing
From the power
Of his voice
Floating in the air
Into the center
Of my fire
Wetting me with desire
And filling my
Heart with these words
Of Reassurance
The fire
Burning between
My legs
Is for him
This is my
Reassurance to him
Our connection
Feeds both
Of our spirits
Traveling through
The air
I hear him
Erotic thoughts race
Through my mind
And down into
My breasts
Hardening my nipples
As I anticipate
Placing my
Naked body
At his feet
With legs open wide
For his possession
And deliberate
Entry into my fire
It’s the vision
Of his face
Pressed between
My bare breast
That flashes
In my mind
And sparks
His name on my lips
Wet with anticipation
Of his eyes to mine
The fire
In my belly
Burns brighter
When he is near
I speak to him
Come home
And ignite my embers
Into your inferno
Spark me
With your
I am waiting
Here for you
There is change
Change in the air
Foretold by
The message of spirits
Delivered to me in the
Number 555
Change is
happening in my life
Change is
Happening in my body
Change is
Happening in my spirit
But nothing has
Changed about
My love and desire
For Blue Love
My love
Is still
True Blue
I am
Erotically true blue
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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