Blue Joy ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Blue Joy ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

When you
Walk on by
Can you feel
Your fire burning
Between my legs
Wetting me
For your lips
Readying me
For your touch
Opening me
For the push
Of your masculinity
Into my
Divine feminine
Erotic energy
My body is
Stirred by your
Soul being near
When you
Walk on by
Can you feel
The kindling
The kindling
Of the flame
In my soul
Hot between
My breasts
Pounding in my heart
Pulling my joy
Up from the bottom
Sparking gratitude
For you
In my life
When you walk
Do you call
My name
And ask me to
Rest my worries
And release my anxieties
Into your hands
Because you
Are here
To help steady
Me through
The transition
Into this new person
I broke
Wiser because
I put myself
Back together again
As you walk
On by
Our eyes
Holding on to each other
In the moment
With gratitude
For the peace
We have
When we are
Near each other
Opening up
More to
What we could be
Falling further
Into acceptance
Of how we’ve wrapped
Around each other
Listening more
To the wisdom
In our hearts
Than the logic
Of our circumstances
When you walk
On by
Look into
My eyes and
Call my name
Will I hear
Your voice say
My name
And lift
My spirits
With your joy
Those are the
Moments I miss
The most
When you are
Are away
It is when your eyes
Meet mine that
My heart
Is lighter
And fills
With the joy
Of gratitude
For you
Being in my life
I am filled
With Blue joy
When you are near
Don’t you
Forget about me
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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