Gratefully Yours ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Gratefully Yours ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
Linda A. Long

It’s the way
You move
There’s something
In the way
You move
That stirs
The passion
Deep within
My soul
Swelling it up
To the top
For you
To taste
Nourish yourself
On my juice
Feed the fire
In your belly
With my love
It’s the way
You speak
There’s something
In the way
You speak
That wakes
Up the goddess
Aphrodite in me
Filling me
With love and affection
Pulsing my nipples
With the
Energy of aura
The place between
My legs
Where you rest
Your fantasies
For safe keeping
Your wildest
Are safe
In this place where
You lay your head
There’s something
In the way
I feel your
Energy touch mine
When we pass close
That makes me
Catch my breath
For a moment
As I feel
The air shift
As if your
Called my name
As your body
Spoke to mine
Without us
Saying a word
To each other
My world
Is better
When you are
Close by
Thank you
For being near today
I am
Gratefully Yours
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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