I Am The Fire ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

I Am The Fire ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

There is a flame
A flame of
Burning deep
Within my soul
My thoughts
Opening my mind
Breaking my body
My reality
To align me
With the
Highest good
That was intended
By God
For me
There is a flame
The passion
Up from my soul
For life
For health
For self love
For only one man
I burn
With love
I burn
With love
I am the fire
No longer
Afraid of
Losing love
Because love
Burns in me
I open myself
To a new
Offered to me
By God
Spoken to me
By Angels
Relayed to me
In messages
I needed
To cleanse
The old spiritual energy
From my DNA
To welcome
The gifts
God wanted to
Bestow upon me
But I had
To see myself
To let him in
It’s only
In suffering
We learn compassion
Through adversity
We build strength
In breaking
I learned how
To put myself
Back together
With self love
The greatest
Lesson of my life
Thus far
Has been learned
In the last month
God loved me
Enough to
Send angels
To guide me
Through purgatory
Just so I would
Learn to
Take better
Care of myself
God loved me
Enough that he
Stripped everything away
For a brief time
To show me
What and who
Really matters
In my life
And to show me
Who I am
When it’s all gone
When it’s all
Stripped away
In the silent moments
Without anyone else around
With nothing to prove
Or anyone to explain
Myself to
I found a new
Version of myself
Tucked just
Under the surface
Of the chaos
That I’ve been through
And found myself
Into someone
God loved me enough
To ask me
To choose
Love of myself
Over my fear
Of change
This very day
I can say
I am no longer
Afraid of
Flames of hell
I am the fire
I am the fire
Of transformation
I am
The fire
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved


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