Love Stones ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Love Stones ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Here’s your map
It will
Lead you
To a hidden treasure
Walk to me
Let me
Look into those
Beautiful blue crystals
Follow my eyes
As I lead
You down
Into my cleavage
The treasure lies
Close to my heart
Warm with
My love for you
Love, joy
And compassion
Into your life
My heart chakra
To yours
Use your hands
To feel
My soft breasts
In your hands
Use your lips
To taste
My Anahata Energy
In your mouth
Open the hooks
Of my bra
Until our love stones
Fall into your hands
Warm by
My Anahata Energy
Hot with my
Love for you
Programmed by
My heart’s energy
To balance yours
The stones
Of my love
Are your treasure
In my bra
Next to my heart
Balancing my Anahata Chakra
With yours
Lighting the way
For your heart
To find our love
Come find
Your treasure
Next to my breasts
Close to my heart
Our love stones
Our Green Love Stones
Are tucked
Close to my heart
Pulling us
Like a magnet
Into the
Of our love
Protecting us from harm
Bring us
Into the Center
Of Anahata’s
Power of transformation
Our stones of love
Are warm and protected
Hidden in my bra
For only you
To discover
Their treasures
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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