Blue Lovers ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Blue Lovers ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The truth
Of where I stand today
Hasn’t changed
I am still
As much
In love with you
As I was
Last week
Last month
Last year
My affections
For you
Are as true blue
As your beautiful eyes that
Shimmered love
Into mine
And healed
My wounded soul
With every glance
You nurtured me
Until I was whole again
I am whole again
My erotic energies
Are still ignited
By you
And the swirl
Of electricity
I feel as you pass
The wetness
Rushes between
My legs
When your energy
Is close to mine
I am speaking
The truth
Of my love
To you
Clearly with the energies
Of Vishuddha
I say
I love you
I will still
Love you
If you are
Here with me
Or if you are
Away from me
My love is yours
Whether you stand
Next to me
Or we ride
The universal flow
Of growth and development
Away from each other
I still love you
I still want you
One thing has changed
I’ve changed
I am no longer afraid
To lose you
I will thrive
As much
In your absence
As I have
In your presence
I am strong now
I’ll stand as strong
Without you
As I stand
With you
I stand strong
I love you but
I now understand
When love is real
It can never be lost
By distance
Time will not break
The bonds of love
And if our soul contract
Is finished
And our spiritual connection
Is complete
And it is truly time
For us to
Let go to
Grow in different directions
Then resistance
Will only
Block my ability
To flow with the
Universal energies
Of spiritual awareness
That now
Flow effortlessly
Through me
I am stronger
I stand stronger
Because of our love
The Universe
Brought us together
Our bond
Held us together
Love was the
My soul made
With yours yesterday
Love is
The contact
My soul
Has with your soul today
Love will be
The contact my
Soul has
With your soul tomorrow
Love never ends
As I relax
Into the new flow
We find ourselves in
I will trust
Is working out
For our highest good
And be thankful
For the love
You brought
Back into my life
I am stronger
I loved you
I still love you
My soul
Was contracted
To love you
I love you
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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