The Flame ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

The Flame ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

My soul
Knew you
Before my
Body was shaped
By the cosmos
And my heart
Was kissed
By the love of
My ancestors
The Goddess
Venus Aphrodite
I kissed your lips
And aroused
Your passion
Before the planets
Were formed
And the Sun
Started to orbit
The moon
You held
My heart
In your hands
Before the
Constellations took
Shape and man
Wished upon the stars
Your love
Has been in me
Since the beginning
Of time
Our souls
Traveled through time
As one
Like a
Brilliant ball of fire
Shooting across
The beautiful
Night sky
As if love
Was our fuel
We’ve loved
Each other
Through many lifetimes
Your spirit
Was the twin
To my own
As the Mythical
Goddess and man
Of Green
Walked the Earth
As one united flame
Burning as meteors
In the sky
We’ve gone through
Lifetimes together as
Twin Flames
We’ve been with
Each other
Since our souls
First crossed paths
And wrote our names
In the book of
Love in the sky
Zig zagging
Our heart strings
To keep us
Connected through time
Our love
Was the missing
Piece in both
Of our current lifetimes
Until four years ago
When fate
Woke us up
To see the other
Half of our joint flame
Standing eye to
Beautiful eye
Aroused yet confused
Not really sure
What was happening
Between us
But knowing
It was strong and powerful
Through time
We’ve learned
We are unbreakable
Our love is
As I kiss your lips
And set you free
I whisper
My highest
Most loving intentions
Into your heart
Love is yours
My love is yours
Our love
Is yours
I am
Your flame
I am
The twin
To your flame
I am
The Flame
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Also, I’m also writing a new post for my Awakened Healer blog. My inner fighter woke up over the weekend with a game plan for healing my body holistically👍🙏I probably wont post it until tomorrow. I started my Holistic Nutrition Health Course online yesterday. I opted to start immediately and make up two weeks of course work rather than wait until the end of July. I am knee deep in watching lectures and video classes 👍I’m already loving it but I have a lot of catch up work to do before 6/5/17. You will probably see the link to the new blog in my Twitter feed in the right sidebar by tomorrow night👍 The Awakened Healer