Inside ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Inside ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I can feel
Sliding over
My bare skin
Warming me
With the friction
My nipples
Are around
My nipples
Sucking until
They are
Hard with lust
Arousing my senses
With lust
As I feel fingers
Part my lips
To feel
The center
Of my fire
That aches for
My body aches
Between my legs
I can feel
Spread my legs
And with
Deliberate forcefulness
He enters me
Inside of me
Deep inside
Of me
Until I open
My eyes
To see
I am alone
In my bed
But I still
Feel the
Penetration in
My body
Wetting me
Into juiciness
Feeling the thrust
Of hips
Against my thighs
I cry out
As I ride
The wave
Of orgasms
Rolling across
My body
For more
Inside of me
Deep inside of
My fire
Lick my flames
As my hips
Rise into his mouth
I am
In my bed
But somehow
I am being fucked
Brining me
To edge and back
I slide my
Vibrator deep inside
Until my
Whole body shakes
Into climax
Collapsing into
Lustful submission
Not really
Being sure
What just happened
But feeling
Like I was fucked
By your mind
I felt you
Of me
Of me
Last night
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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