Bittersweet Freedom ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

And desires
As we grow
What fit
Suddenly feels
Constrictive and uncomfortable
It’s ok
It’s all ok
We were never
To see forever
We were only
Help each other
Temporarily grow
Into who we
Are today
Only God
Knows his
For us
And knows if
The time
Has come for us
To experience life
As if our souls
Need and want
More than
The other
Can offer
One day
Your path
And my path
Will join
Together again
Maybe we will
Find the
Separation unbearable
Or maybe
We will
Both move
Onto into
New chapters of
Our lives
That no longer
Include each other
There’s no way
To predict the future
When we both
Have free will
To choose
One thing is
True today
It will remain
True tomorrow
I truly love you
I love you
In the depths
Of soul
As if you were
It’s other half
I love you
I want you
I want you
More than my body
Can comprehend
Wanting a man
As you
Wet me
With arousal
And wake
The erotic
Woman who
Rests in my soul
But now
I love myself too
Standing in
This new skin
I know it’s
Time to honor
The truth
In my heart
And accept
That I need
More of you
I want more
Of you
I deserve more
Of you
Than you can
Give me
In that truth
I find
I surrender
Instead of holding on
I open my hand
And let go
So I can
Find fulfillment
And love
Outside of our
Comfort zone
In this surrender
I find freedom
In the
Bittersweet freedom
Of our separation
I will
Find my soul’s teacher
I love you
I want you
I need you
But I finally
And accept
The freedom
The bittersweet freedom of
Change and loss
I surrender
But remember
I tuly love you
I love you
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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