Dear Future Lover ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Dear Future Lover ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

To my future lover
We haven’t met yet
The path of our
Love has not yet
Intersected through
My eyes
And pierced my heart
With your name
I want you
To see me
I want you
To know me
As I am today
Changed by
Lost love
Yet opened
By the heartbroken
And awakened
Into a divine
Authentic expression
Of the Loving woman
Woman I am
I want you
To know
My body
Challenges me
And sometimes
I will need your
Help and support
To strengthen me and
To center my
Racing mind
Do you have the courage
To stand beside me
And face
The road I am traveling
From illness to healing
As my lover
Are you compassionate enough
To see my sadness
And choose me
Pick me
Instead yourself at times
Can you be with me
When I am sick and sad
Without trying to fix it
Can you be
In my silence
But know inside
I roar with strength
But sometimes
I am weak
I want you
To know
That my soul
Is changing and growing
I am awakening into
A new beautiful
Version of my authentic self
Can your ego
See me in my
True skin
Listen to my
And see me
As your equal
Eye to eye
Your equal
I want you
To know
I need passion
I need passion
I want
The linger
Of your eyes
And the penetration
Of your power
Into my body
I want
All of you
All of you
You need to know
Men will want me
But I will only
Want you
Men will notice me
But I will only
See you
Men will desire me
But my heart
And soul
Will only
Be yours
Know that
I will need you
And physically
I will want
To hear your
Voice before
I fall asleep
And text you
When I wake up
I will want
To hug you
Kiss you
And fuck you
As any woman
Who truly loves
A man does
Dear future lover
I am a woman
Who needs
A man’s attention
I am woman
Who needs
A man’s touch
I am a woman
Who needs
All of you
I will need
All of you
Dear future lover
Are you a man
Who needs a woman
Are you a man
Who needs the
Wild ride
Of love and passion
My future lover
If you are a man
Who will be
And Physically available to me
Then I will be
A woman who
Will love you
And only you

(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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