All Is Well ~ Poetry

All Is Well ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Does your soul
Hear the echo
Of my name
When your heart
Longs to feel
The sweet melody
Of love
And hangs
On the edge
Of your mind
As one thought
Slides into your awareness
And another
Slides out
Is it my words
Aching in your heart
On the corners
Of your
Speaking into you with
Breaking your comfort by
All is well
My love
All Is well
Blue is my love
All is well
Is it my eyes
That rattle
The cage
You built around
Your passion
Locking it away
Until it
Pushes against
The bars
Of your bravery
To be set free
And pushed
Between my legs
Without resistance
Is it our fire
That lights the match
Of creation
Within our souls
And fits us together
As missing puzzle pieces
Completing the picture
My story
Your story
Are becoming our story
Is it the promise
Of my love and passion
Is it the promise of
Our Growth and fire
Is my promise of
Loyalty and friendship
Honesty and humility
Worth your sacrifice
Of comfort
Close your eyes
My love
Steady yourself
In my strength
Allow me
To breathe
The spirit of my soul
Into your lungs
All is well
Rest in the love
Of your soul mate
Rest in our love
All is Well
All is well
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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