Somewhere – Poetry

Somewhere – Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

My heart
Knew you
Were near
I could feel it
I knew it
Almost as if
I heard your
I felt the
Restlessness grow
I felt the excitement
Of seeing you
Wet me
With anticipation
Then I saw
You knew I
Couldn’t resist that
I blush
We both know
I couldn’t resist
Your bait

Trying to put it
Out of my mind
I focused on my duties
And fought every urge
I had to
Play the game
I wasn’t biting
But you were
And I needed a fix
It was a game
Could I find you
You do like
To play with me
And I do
So enjoy playing
With you
I am not quite sure
How to interact with you
What do you want
What should I say
Should I move closer
Should I give you space
Should I hold on
Should I let you go
Should I move on
We live
In the grey space
To Be Determined

I took a deep breath
And tuned into
My intuition
I heard relax
Into the flow
Just be a good friend
Allowing myself to surrender
To our unknown future
I said a prayer
And bought the bait
I looked for you
As I entered the door
There you were
My preppy Blue Love
You smiled a little
Like you knew
I would eventually give in
Were you timing me?
You smiled
But tried to hide it
Your tense shoulders
Melted a little
As you greeted me
And I knew
I was happy
Was here
Near me
It was hard to breathe
Did you notice?
Did you notice?
I felt
Love swell up
Into my mouth
I tightened up
To keep it in
I got tense
To keep it in
Keep all in
I try to take
Care of you
I try to
Nurture you
But I can tell
You aren’t used to it
I can tell
You aren’t used to
Being loved
The way I love you
I hold it back
I hold it all back
So you
Don’t push me away
I want to be
The person
You exhale with
I want to be
The arms
That shelter you
Oh my God
In a split second
It was getting
Hard to breathe
Did you notice?

As I walked away
I thought
I never wanted
To love you
I never wanted
To fall into
Those beautiful blue
Eyes in the
Preppy blue shirt
And boyish smile
But now
I am quite sure
I never want to
Live without you
Will you let me
Nurture you
Will you let me
Take care of you
Will you let me
Eventually love you
Surrending into
The grey of the unknown
As change
Hangs in the air
Of our reality
I am going with our flow
Wherever it goes
Hoping that
You let me
Love you
But strong
Enough to accept
Whatever you choose
Just know
Right now
I am somewhere
With you

(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately!