Reflection – Poetry

Reflection ~ Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The question
I’ve asked myself is
Would I have looked away
If I knew
I would have to
Let go of you
Would I have
Changed something
In our past
Turned away
From you
Instead of
Falling in your
Crystal blue eye
Would I have
Silently said
To the love
That was rising
In my heart for you
Rising out of desire
With each encounter
Taking root
In my soul
Until one day
It undeniable
Spoke its truth
Into my heart
And I knew
I loved you
Would I have
Turned away
And passed by you
Instead of lingering
In your those eyes
And sourcing
My own erotic
Desires from your
Interest and attentions
Would I have
Turned away from you
If I would have known
Today I would be
Losing you
And letting go
Of you and of love
Would I have
Turned away
If I knew
Those beautiful
Blue eyes
Which have come
Mean so much to me
Those beautiful
Blue eyes
That I see
My own soul
When I look
Into to them
Those beautiful
Blue eyes
That carry
My heart‘s Prana
Would be
So far away
From me
Would I have
Turned away
From you
At our first glance
If I knew
I would be
Losing you today
The answer is
I would not have
Turned away
I would not
Have looked
Away from you
For one simple reason
You reminded
My heart
What it meant
To love someone
You reminded
My body
What it meant
To desire a man
You reminded
My soul
That love
Unconditional love
Is the purest love
I’ve enjoyed
Every glance
I savored
Every flirtatious
Moment between us
I thank you
For every
Erotic fantasy
Every orgasm
You inspired
As my preppy
My erotic playmate
I would not
Have changed anything
In our past
I was always meant
To love you
As we stand
On the edge
Of change
And life takes us
In somewhat
Different directions
The anxiety
Of losing you weighs
In my heart
I also remind myself
This doesn’t
Have to be farewell
It doesn’t
Have to be goodbye
It’s just a bend
In the road for us
A chance
For both of us
To grow a little
I a new direction
It is the end
This is where
We part ways
I understand
Everything you would
Have to give up
To choose me
And standing
In the honesty
Of that that truth
Makes me feel
Compassion for you
And empathy
For a man who loves
A woman
He can’t possess
Take with the
Force of his desires
You and I
Are kismet
Sparks fly
When we are near
Each other
You and I are
Spiritually entwined
My soul is
Wrapped around
You waist
You soul
Lives in my heart
Where ever
You go
You take me with you
And as I lay
In bed at night
It is your soul
I kiss good night
As I work through
The complexities
Of our entanglement
I allow space
Space for both of us
To reflect on what
It will mean for us
To live without
Each other
What will mean
For me to write poetry
For another man
What will mean
For me to close
The Bluelove chapter
Of my poetry
And my life
What it will mean
For you to
Walk away from me
Just so you know
One thing
I know for sure is
I wouldn’t have
Turned away
Even if I knew
You would leave me
Even if I knew
It was going to end today
I wouldn’t have turned away
I love you
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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